Black RP Rules

Section A: General RP-1 Rules:

  1. Never Bully/Harass/Threaten other players, this is taken very seriously.
  2. Carefully read the description of a job so you know how to properly play as it.
  3. Do not disrespect/harass/troll/be prejudice towards your fellow players.
  4. Do not hack/exploit/cheat.
  5. Do not Microphone spam. (Playing sounds/music for an extended amount of time.)
  6. Do not chat spam. (Send massive/repeated messages constantly.)
  7. Do not Impersonate staff members.
  8. Do not attempt to avoid punishment by running from situations in any shape or form.
  9. Please do not advertise other servers or communities.
  10. Do not spam the tool-gun in any shape or form.
  11. Do not spam the knock function.
  12. Do not body block unless it makes complete sense in the context of role-play.
  13. In an admin situation, do not argue with their decision as this will cause pointless hassle, if you feel you are wrongfully punished you may appeal against a decision in our forums.
  14. Do not attempt to find or take advantage of loopholes in our rules. This will result in a swift and severe punishment.
  15. You are not allowed to AFK farm for money. You must be active on the server at all times.

Section B - General RP-2 Rules:

  1. Do not Random Deathmatch.(RDM) RDM is the act of killing OR attacking someone without reason relating to the context of RP.
  2. Do not "Friend Claim”. By this we mean killing anyone who kills someone else just because you claim to be "friends."
  3. Do not break NLR (New Life Rule). NLR states you cannot remember details from your past life, you may not return to your area of death for FIVE minutes. This excludes dying for non-RP reasons such as accidentally killing yourself with a prop.
  4. Do not FailRP. This is the act of failing to role-play a job properly within the job description and or rules. If you are in a specific job requiring you to carry out specific duties and you are failing to carry out those duties, you can be demoted. (Ex: Mayor basing with criminals, etc.)
  5. Do not Randomly Demote. This is when you demote someone without good reason. You only need to demote when a staff member is not online to help you or a player is not properly role-playing as their job, for situations such as breaking FearRP/RDM, please contact a member of staff and they will sort out the situation.
  6. Do not Job Abuse. This is the act of abusing a job for personal gain and avoiding your role-play responsibility. (Ex: Buying yourself a Gun as a Gun Dealer and switching back to previous job.)
  7. Do not directly seek vengeance on a Player that arrested you, took you hostage, or mugged you. You may instead place a hit on this person as specify this reason to the Hitman.
  8. Do not scam anyone (Ex: Pretending to sell items or services and then take the money without providing those items or services.)
  9. Do not metagame. Using OOC (Out of Character) information to benefit yourself in an IC (In Character) situation.
  10. Do not re-lock doors or fading doors with the intent of slowing down a raider.
  11. Do not “hitbox”. This is the act of being able to shoot someone without them being able to shoot you back.
  12. Do not FearRP. We have a different rule for FearRP than most servers, you are still unable to pull out a mean of defense on the Mugger such as a Knife or Gun, but you may attempt to run away and scream for help, but you will likely be killed doing so

Section C) Prop Rules:

  1. Do not prop spam (Excessively spawning props).
  2. Do not prop kill (Killing players with props).
  3. Do not prop drop (Killing players by dropping props on them).
  4. Do not spawn extremely large (That may lag or kill people).
  5. Do not build in the streets or public areas(unless you are a hobo).
  6. Do not prop block (Purposely block players).
  7. Do not prop trap (Trapping people with props).
  8. Do not prop climb (Using props to get an altitude advantage to buildings or bases)(Elevators are allowed).
  9. Do not prop surf (Spawning a prop and using it to get around or fly on).
  10. Do not prop bridge (Using props to get from one elevated place to another).
  11. Do not use props to avoid role-play situations (Self kill or prop push).

Section D) Base Rules:

  1. When creating fading doors, the keypad must be visible and reachable by other players. Only 3 fading doors with keypads are allowed.
  2. You always need a working keypad on your fading door.
  3. No tunnel building, entrances must be setup so players can enter them while standing. (NOT CROUCHING!)
  4. Kill on sight Lines (KOS) lines must be inside your property, and not on the street or on the pavement.
  5. When in a mob you are allowed to take up a small section of the map to serve as your HQ/territory and also slightly block it off (Example traffics cones, fences and walls). However there must be a clear opening so that innocent characters such as citizens can walk thought.
  6. Do not fading door abuse. (After a keypad have been cracked, it must stay opened for the minimum 5 seconds its set to. You are not allowed to close it with a keypad/button yourself.
  7. Notice: Any rules not specifically explained above will be decided upon by an online administrator. The online administrator can judge your base and demand it changed or removed if being too unfair.
  8. Government officials are the only ones who are allowed to build inside the Police Department. However the code to a fading door must be shared with all Government personal.
  9. Do not build floating sky bases with no connection to the ground. You can build in your home/property that you own)
  10. Do not build attachments to buildings you don't own, this includes hobos building's
  11. Hobos are the only class/job allowed to create donation boxes and if there is a lid there must also be a working fading door and keypad.
  12. When you are building, you are allowed to prop block your doorways in during the time you are building, However you are not allowed to own any entities, printers etc. during the time you are building.
  13. You are allowed to use one-way props for windows etc, (props that you can see through one side, but not the other), however you are NOT allowed to use them aggressively (not for shooting holes like in 6.1 )
  14. You cannot have fake or useless keypads.
  15. Your base cannot be impossible to raid. It must give players room to move, and your base can not have a crouching entrance.
  16. Cannot seal off public areas and claim them as yours. Even if your group owns all the buildings in the neighborhood.
  17. Cannot have invisible props or entities. Every part of your base must be visible.
  18. You must have one keypad or button on each side of a fading door. This rule does not include windows.
  19. raiders must be able to see clearly. This includes pulsing or flickering materials.
  20. You cannot block off tunnels or roads with props

Section E) Raiding Rules:

  1. The time you must wait after Raiding to host a raid or take part in one is 15 minutes, the time you must wait to host a raid or take part in one on the previously raider player/base is 30 minutes.
  2. Do not raid any sort of Dealer/Salesmen right after you buy something from them.
  3. Do not use a camera that is no collided to see inside another person's base.
  4. You may not return to the same raid after being killed in the base or near it. This violates NLR.
  5. You cannot block or knockdown cameras to blind defenders.
  6. If your Base has a Textscreen saying “Building” you are not allowed to raid others.

Section F) Drug Rules:

  1. Do not grow or create drugs in unreachable locations.
  2. Do not use meth or meth stoves as explosives.

Section G) Job Rules:WIP

Part I - Mayor:

  1. The mayor must lead the government and assign them tasks.
  2. The Mayor must occasionally /broadcast the laws they have decided for the server, the only rules they may decide is; Whether Civilians can have Small-Firearms for defence.

Part II - SWAT, Sniper SWAP, Police, Chief of Police:

  1. Arresting or shooting random players is not allowed (you need a proper reason). example: A suspect has printers or illegal firearms then you may put an wanted notice on the suspect or make an warrant out for his arrest.

  2. You're not allowed to randomly make an warrant without any proper reason and evidence before hand.

Follow and obey all these rules on this server. Not following the rules will result in a punishment: Warning, Kick, Ban, Permanent-Ban.


Do not abuse your Admin powers of any kind

  1. The Staff members must follow same rules as the players.
  2. Staff should always try to warn a player before kicking or banning him, (except for hackers or mass RDMers, Prop Killers and advertisers.)
  3. Don’t argue or fight with other staff member’s in-game, take it to the forums or a higher rank to sort it out (Super Admin, Head Admin)
  4. Do not mass mute, mass kick, or do anything to adversely affect an entire team.
  5. Do not cause trouble as an excuse to use powers.
  6. Use your powers for good and to make the server safe. Nothing else.
  7. If any Staff members spawns a weapon or entity from the menu, they will lose admin without warning!
  8. Be respectful to all players and Admins (just because you're an admin doesn't make you better!)
  9. Only noclip when necessary.
  10. Actually Role-play unless you are Administrating.
  11. No spawning items for players guns/pills/etc.. This will result in instant loss of admin rights!
  12. Never farm money printers in inaccessible areas (aka admin rooms or empty spots in a map)
  13. If you cannot get both sides of the story, then take no action.
  14. If you do not know a rule or answer to a problem ask a higher admin or an admin that has been with the community for a while,

Explanations to abbreviations:

NLR: New Life Rule; you forget everything that happened before your death- you can't get back to the place you died or kill the one who killed you. You are allowed to get back to your home but only when nothing is happening in there (not when it's getting raided, searched etc.) after 5 minutes.

RDM: Random Death Match; Killing people with no in-character reason.

META-GAMING: Using OOC (Out-Off-Character) information for IC (In character) use. Ex If a player have thier job title "Thief" over thier heads, a Police can not use that information to arrest them.

IC: In-character.

OOC: Out-Off-Character